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Analog music is notably for music purists and vinyl record collectors.
The human ear operates in analog mode.
This is one of the reasons why the ritual surrounding listening to a LP remains so exciting.


Passion Audio offers you products that will make you appreciate your vinyl records even more.

Whether it is with the MoFi tables, recommanded by the specialized press, or with the J.Sikora ones, which can compete with the best in the world, at a fraction of their cost.

sikora initial black.jpg

MoFi turntables are sold equipped with a 12-inch tonearm. They form a dynamic duo and you only need to add your favorite cartridge.

The Polish company J.Sikora offers three versions of the first ever Kevlar tonearm.

Available in lengths of nine or twelve inches, they are also made of aluminum, bronze, brass

and stainless steel.



We have carefully selected cartridges that will allow you to get the most out of your vinyl records.

The well respected MoFi offers a wide range of moving-magnet (MM) cartridges, and the top of their line is a moving-coil (MC).

Hana Japanese cartridges are highly sought after due to their unrivaled value for your money.

We are therefore proud to have them in store.

Passion Audio is also very proud to offer you exclusively in America the Japanese Vinyl Audio Laboratory (VAL) cartridges.

These are handmade by an artist named Masashi Miyake, whom we met at the Munich International Audio Exhibition last May.

It was by discussing our common love of Shindo products that our business relationship became evident.

Blue side.jpg
Phono stage

Your amp doesn't have a phono input? No problem, you can get an external one.


The MoFi phono stages perfectly complement the other products from the American brand.

We also offer those from the Swedish company Lejonklou. Ex-lover of Linn products, its owner, Fredrik Lejonklou, decided to take the phono inputs to a higher level, thanks to his (obsessive!) attention to details.

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