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From a whisper... to music!

Integrated Amps

Buying an integrated amp is never a bad choice. As the name suggests, its pre-amplification and amplification parts are designed to work together. The result is therefore always balanced. All you need to do is pair it with the speakers that will highlight it.

Passion Audio offers Fezz and BAT (Balanced Audio Technology) integrated tube amps. Depending on the model, the products of these Polish and American brands will produce a pure sound, more or less powerful, but always musical.

BAT also offers an hybrid integrated amp, with tube pre-amplification and a transistor amplification section, for even more power. This makes even the most demanding speakers sing.

Passion Audio is also proud to offer the Lejonklou integrated amplifier for those who prefer transistors to tubes. We had the privilege of spending a few hours with Fredrik Lejonklou, the company's colorful owner and designer, at the 2023 Axpona Audio Expo in Chicago.

Fezz EVO Mira Ceti 300b [Burning Red] 2 - layer.PNG

Higher-end systems often have separate preamplification and amplification sections. While no component of a sound system should be neglected, the preamplifier is often considered the heart of every system.


Lejonklou stands out by offering a double mono preamplification section. If mono amps are rather common in the ultra high-end, the idea of separating the channels from the preamplification is a challenge that he was able to overcome. This isolates the two signals from the turntable needle to your speakers!


BAT offers three tube preamplifiers.

Lovers of this warm technology can combine the tube amp of their choice, while those who prefer the advantages of transistors can benefit from the best of both worlds.


Our store is more than proud to be able to share its passion for Japanese Shindo Laboratory products.

This cult brand undoubtedly makes some of the most sought-after preamplifiers in the world.

Their magic comes from their design and from parts from a longgone era.


Whether you are a purist or a power enthusiast, we have a wide range of amps to please your ears as much as your speakers.

Music lovers who prefer tube amplification will be particularly touched by the direct signal of the legendary 300B tubes of two Shindo amps, while BAT will do the same, offering more power, with its famous 6C33C-B tubes.

Audiophiles looking for ultra-precise low frequencies or who have loudspeakers that that need more Watts will not want to miss the transistor mono amps from Lejonklou and Balanced Audio Technology.

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