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Passion Audio aims to offer a service worthy of the exceptional quality of its products.

This is why the company relies on an experienced technician, who has proven himself in the design and construction of acoustic speakers.

Passion Audio therefore offers a complete range of cleaning, maintenance and repairing services for your high-end stereo system. We can install a cartridge for your turntable, and offer a vinyl cleaning service for your precious records, using our professionnal ultrasonic machine. We can also optimize your system and your listening room by visiting you and doing professional installations.

The bottom line: come see us or call us, and we will help you in your quest for the perfect sound.

It’s always nice to improve the sound performance of our stereo.

Sometimes it's enough to add an accessory, such as a press cylinder to our record player, to treat our power supply or our listening room. Passion Audio is also here to advise you on smaller investments that can make a difference.

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