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The crucial links

If some audiophiles still doubt the importance of quality cables, Passion Audio can assure you that a poor cable match can ruin the performance of a system.

We therefore offer two winning options.

Luna Cables are handcrafted in Quebec. Recipient of several international awards, the Easterntownships-based company recently opened a new workshop in Montreal. Luna is run by music enthusiasts and musicians who have extensive experience in the industry. Danny Labrecque, designer and owner of Luna Cables, has been the personal advisor of the owner of Passion Audio for 15 years.

The American company Cardas also offers a complete range of products, whose reputation is well established. Quality is always there at Cardas, whether with its more affordable product lines, or those of reference level.  


L’entreprise américaine Cardas offre elle aussi une gamme complète de produits, dont la réputation n’est plus à faire. La qualité est toujours au rendez-vous chez Cardas, que ce soit avec ses lignes de produits plus abordables, ou celles de référence.  

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